Wayne Lashua,Vice President, Client Services

  • Wayne is thrilled to have the opportunity to collaboratively build human and market understanding to address unmet needs and to relieve profound tensions for clients and their customers. He inspires people to develop human-centered solutions that create terrific customer experiences and earn outstanding business results. He leverages deep professional experience, rigorous academic training and intense curiosity to uncover human insights. Persuasive storytelling that inspires action is a hallmark of his engagements.
  • With over 17 years’ experience at a top pharmaceutical company in market research & analytics roles at all levels and assignments in brand management and pharmaceutical sales, Wayne’s passion is clearly healthcare research. He knows that the appropriate research method depends on the aligned research objectives given the business decision that needs to be made and what is already known. Wayne leverages the Burke Blueprinting process and his strengths in both divergent and convergent thinking to focus resources on the most critical questions to support decision-making.
  • Recognized as an exceptional leader and coach, Wayne knows that it takes a team to achieve success. Respecting diversity and understanding that everyone is both an individual and a member of many groups, he fosters engagement from every team member and looks for opportunities to symbiotically leverage individual strengths to achieve greater success for all.
  • Wayne earned his master’s in marketing research from The Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia and received the Mark Lord award for MMR student of the year in 2004. He also holds a bachelor of arts degree from DePauw University in economics and philosophy and was a McDermond Center Management Fellow.