Jim Kershaw,Vice President, Client Services

  • Having spent the first 9 years of his Burke tenure with the Decision Sciences analytics group, Jim brings a wealth of marketing research design and analysis expertise to his clients’ projects. Jim has served as lead analytical consultant on many large research programs for clients in a wide range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, financial services, retail, health care, telecommunications, utilities, and hospitality.
  • He has applied his research experience to a wide variety of business contexts, including brand image/positioning, pricing, product line optimization, market segmentation, concept evaluation, and customer loyalty measurement (including the linking of customer loyalty measures to financial outcomes).
  • Jim’s multivariate analysis experience includes factor analysis, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, multiple regression, multidimensional scaling, correspondence analysis, and numerous forms of conjoint/discrete choice modeling (traditional full-profile conjoint, hybrid conjoint, aggregate/disaggregate discrete choice).
  • In addition to his client service responsibilities, Jim serves as an instructor for the Burke Institute. In this capacity, he leads training seminars on a variety of research design and analytical topics.
  • Jim is a summa cum laude graduate of Duke University, with degrees in Economics and Sociology. He received his MBA in Marketing and Finance, with an emphasis in services marketing, from Vanderbilt University.